Let Us Manage Your Avon Rental Property

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Would you like to hire an experienced team to help manage it on your behalf? If so, then look no further than Ardent Trust Property Management!

Our property management company can help take away the stress of managing your investment property. We have the skills, experience, and industry knowledge to help you run your Avon rental property reliably and professionally.

At Ardent Trust Property Management, we understand how difficult self-management can be. Between finding tenants and pricing your investment property, to selecting the right tenant, and familiarizing yourself with all applicable tenancy laws, there’s a lot to oversee.

But luckily for you, Ardent Trust Property Management can help! Our goal is to help property owners, like yourself, enjoy the fruits of their investment property, without experiencing the stress that comes with it.

We can help you fill vacancies fast, find qualified tenants, collect rent consistently, respond to maintenance issues, and more! This will reduce stress and maximize your return on investment.

In addition to that, we also provide property owners with multiple guarantees to further protect their interests. They include the following: leasing guarantee, service guarantee, tenant guarantee, maintenance guarantee, and pet guarantee.

We can manage residential properties of all types, including single-family homes, apartments, condos, townhomes, and commercial properties. And whether you own one investment property or multiple, Ardent Trust Property Management can help.

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Our Avon Property Management Services

Ardent Trust Property Management offers property owners in Avon a full suite of property management services. With us by your side, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll help you market your property, screen prospective tenants, collect rent consistently, and more!

The following are some of the property management services you can expect from us:

Tenant Screening

Are you tired of dealing with difficult tenants? They can be a huge hassle and cause you a lot of stress. They can also cost you money if they break their lease early, refuse to make rent payments or cause careless property damage.

But worry no more, Ardent Trust Property Management is here to help! We’ll help you rent to quality tenants that are low maintenance and guarantee a high return on investment.

We screen prospective tenants based on several criteria including their income level, creditworthiness, rental background, and employment status. Doing so ensures that we find tenants that will respect the lease terms and the property.

Property Marketing

Are you tired of having a vacant rental property? If you are, our team can help. We hate vacancies as much as you do! As a landlord, you lose money every month your property sits vacant.

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Once you hire us, we’ll start the re-renting process right away. We’ll examine your property’s condition and determine whether any upgrades are necessary. We’ll then draft a proper rental ad, including an eye-catching headline, quality photos, and a proper description of the property.

Next, we’ll distribute the ad far and wide for maximum reach. This will ensure that we attract a large prospective tenant pool from which we can choose the perfect one. We use many and varied distribution channels including yard signs, local bulletins, social media, and rental listing sites.

Leasing Agreements

Ardent Trust Property Management can also help prepare a proper lease agreement for you. A lease agreement is contractually binding and as such, you need to be experienced and knowledgeable enough to draft a proper one. A great lease agreement must be detailed to properly protect your investment.

We’ll help you draft an agreement that covers every important aspect of your property including the tenant’s maintenance responsibilities, lease termination notice requirements, pet policies, and subletting rules. We’ll also take tenants through it and answer any questions they may have before signing it.

Rental Inspections

These are critical to the well-being of your Avon rental property. The first inspection we carry out happens when the tenant is first moving in. We use that opportunity to document the property’s condition so that the tenant knows how they must leave it when they eventually vacate.

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We also carry out both seasonal and drive-by inspections. These ensure that we monitor the property’s condition to safeguard it against possible damage. Lastly, we carry out a move-out inspection. We use the move-in inspection as a point of reference to note whether the tenant has caused any negligent property damage.

If the tenant has, we’ll notify them and request that they do the repairs before moving out. However, if they do leave without fixing them, we’ll make appropriate deductions from their security deposit.

Rent Collection

Rent is the bread and butter of any rental investment. To be successful as a landlord, you’ll need to keep it flowing consistently. That said, rent collection can prove to be challenging, especially if you own multiple properties. But worry no more because Ardent Trust Property Management has you covered.

We guarantee consistent rent collection because we rent to quality tenants, create solid lease agreements, and provide tenants with easy and convenient payment gateways.

Avon, CT

Nestled in the Farmington River Valley, Avon, CT provides residents with beautiful natural surroundings. The areas known for its rolling hills, lush forests, and well-preserved landscapes. In the fall, the foliage is especially stunning.The town hosts various community events, including art exhibits, music concerts, and theater productions.

You can also explore the nearby Hill-Stead Museum, which features art, history, and beautiful gardens. What’s more, Avon has a range of shops and restaurants that cater to different tastes and preferences. The Shops at Farmington Valley is a popular shopping center, and you'll find a diverse selection of dining options in the area.
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Areas We Serve

In addition to Avon, Ardent Trust Property Management offers property management solutions in the following areas: