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Are you a Bloomfield property owner looking for an experienced property management company to manage your valuable rental property?

The ideal property management company for you is Ardent Trust Property Management!

We are one of the best management companies in the region, delivering high-quality property management services to all our clients. We only employ the best, making sure our work is comprehensive and accountable. With us as your property partner, you can count on our diligence, transparency, and knowledge.

Our company manages a wide range of residential properties in the area; from multi-family properties to vacation rentals to apartment complexes. Get in touch with Ardent Trust Property Management today to learn more about our services!

Our Property Management Services

At Ardent Trust Property Management, we offer a wide range of services catering to the needs of our clients. Below are some of the services that we offer:

Evaluating Rental Rates and Review

Do you know what amount you should charge for your Bloomfield rental property?

It can be difficult to determine the ideal cost for your property. The cost of rent plays a big role in the sustainability of your real estate investment.

We will keep track of the changes in the local rental market and adjust the rental rates accordingly. This ensures that you will get the optimal return on your investment property.


For a precise evaluation, you can rely on our team to collect data from your neighborhood and provide you with the best advice. We perform a thorough research of comparable properties, gathering data on all the important factors. Our experienced property managers will advise you on adopting lease policies which will help you make your rental property competitive.

Rent Collection

Rent is the most important part of any rental property. As a property owner, it is crucial for you to collect the rent regularly and on time.

To meet these goals, we offer the tenants an online payment option to ensure that the rent is paid on time. This helps us keep track of the financial records for you and simplify the rent collection process. We also collaborate with tenants to establish payment agreements to help them manage their rental payments when necessary.

Marketing the Property

Finding reliable tenants for your rental property is one of the most important factors for you as a landlord. But it will be difficult to find good and reliable tenants if the vacancies in your property are not effectively communicated.

Ardent Trust Property Management has a thorough marketing process for advertising your rental property. We prepare the property for renters, take high quality photographs and post the listings of your property on various online and offline platforms.


This process allows us to maximize the exposure of your property which will help you attract potential tenants. This ultimately reduces the vacancy periods and increases your rental income.

Legal Compliance and Preparation

As a property owner, you should be aware of the laws and guidelines related to owning a rental property in Bloomfield. Leasing a rental property means that you have to stay in compliance with county ordinances and the state and federal laws.

At Ardent Trust Property Management, we pay meticulous attention to detail, leaving nothing to chance. We will help you prepare a lease agreement making sure it is in compliance with the landlord-tenant laws, protects your best interest as a landlord and contains clearly stated guidelines for the tenants.

Eviction Assistance

Evictions may not be a topic every property owner wishes to discuss or address. But in rare cases, you may have a tenant who causes extreme damages to your property or breaks the terms of their lease agreements. So, it’s always good to be prepared for such situations.

For an eviction to be considered legal, it must follow the provisions of Connecticut’s landlord-tenant laws. As a leading property company in Bloomfield, Ardent Trust Property Management is aware of these guidelines and can help you every step of the way. We will help you fill in all the relevant paperwork, liaise with the relevant authorities, and rekey the property once the tenant leaves.

Living in Bloomfield, CT

Located in Hartford County, Bloomfield is one of the established suburbs of Hartford. It is known and loved by the locals for its serenity and suburban experience away from the stress and hustle of the city.

Bloomfield is home to three best golf courses in the state, including the Wintonbury Hills, which was designed as a walking golf course for the public, with greens and tees placed in close proximity. It also has the Tumble Brook Country Club and the Gillette Ridge Golf Club.

Farmington River Park in Bloomfield offers riverfront access to the beautiful Farmington River. The park is a great place to enjoy various activities including fishing, birding, hiking, and picnicking.

Bloomfield Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services provides quality recreational opportunities, preserves our natural resources, and manages our system of parks and facilities that enrich the lives of a diverse and changing community.

Residents of Bloomfield are surrounded by quality social amenities, ideal for making memories on the weekends. The area is home to several exceptional dining establishments, parks, and golf courses which makes it a great area to invest in real estate.

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