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Budgeting is one the most important things you need to do as an investor or home owner. Property Management Services come in all shapes and sizes. Ardent Trust Property Management prides itself on being clear on the services it provides and the pricing for those services. We have created a simple and transparent Services and Pricing structure to assist in budgeting your investment appropriately.

It all starts with assessing the property value and its potential. Compare risk, determine rents, forecast growth and net income. Gain unparalleled insight into any Residential Investment Property. We provide you with a detailed report and expert analysis so you know exactly where your property stands in the market.

We make your property shine brightly in a very competitive market. Featuring your property on all relevant sites, utilizing a variety of social network platforms, accessible and available dedicated agents to show your property 7 day a week, multi-channel advertising.

First impressions are essential to the success of a quick placement. Photos effect the perception of the property before having even seen it. Listing that use professional photos rent for more money, and rent faster. Producing beautiful crisp images of your property is what we love. Using the latest technology sets us above the competition to effectively market the biggest and smallest of any home.

We understand the rogue tenant is one of a home owners biggest fears. We utilize a multi-step process to ensure tenants measure up to our strict criteria. Through evaluation and verification. Can this person hold a job, do they make enough money, what do their previous employers think about them, what does their rental history look like, have they ever been evicted, how often do they move, collect recent paystubs, W2 from the previous year, bank statement.

Our leases are prepared by an attorney and protect the landlord to the fullest extent of the law. Enthusiastically negotiate specific concerns. Insurance, pet protection, legal fees, and late fees are iron clad.

Collect advanced rent, security deposits, move in inspection, check list with photo report Walk thru and inspection checklist w/ photo report Once we have approved a prospect, we collect advance rent and a security deposit and move forward with the lease.

Convenience is the key to effective rent collection and we provide your tenant with a myriad of options to pay rent on time. Most tenants opt to pay their rent online using our Mobile App or Online Portal.

We consider inspections to be the cornerstone of effective property management. We take this opportunity to set expectations, reminding the tenant of their responsibilities. If a lease renewal is agreed with your tenant, we will perform a renewal inspection prior to executing the new lease being signed. Understanding that the landlord has effective oversight in place will encourage the tenant to stick to the terms of their lease and look after your property. All inspection reports, including photos and comments are stored online for you to access 24/7, 365 days a year.

We handle lease violations and enforce terms keeping tenants paying on time and in full.

Repair and Maintenance expenses are the necessary evil of property ownership. How maintenance events are handled is critical to the success of your investment. Ardent Trust assess repairs from an owner’s budgetary perspective.

Tenants can submit work orders online and/or call our 24/7 call center. Many of the repairs requests that we receive are either simple fixes or user errors that can be fixed remotely. We always attempt to troubleshoot the problem without an expense being incurred.

Should we need to dispatch resources for a problem we take advantage of our preferred vendor network for competitive rates, timely service, and quality work.

In addition, before applying the charge to your ledger, we consider if the repair was due to damage or neglect on the part of the tenant.  Often a simple call to the tenant advising them they could be responsible for the repair will encourage a simple DIY fix.

We also understand you may have your own maintenance preferences, including vendors and warranties – we can certainly customize a maintenance solution that works for you.

Our staff is available 24/7 for all emergencies and requests via phone, email, and/or our online tenant portal. Come rain, snow, sleet, or shine, night or day – we’ve got you covered.

Utility costs is one sure way to put revenue back in your pocket. Making sure utilities are being transferred in and out of tenants name can save or cost you significant money if improperly managed. Often time the utility company will try to bill you if the tenant stops paying their bills.

Direct deposits, monthly statements, year-end statements, access to your information around the clock. We offer comprehensive reports in “easy to read” formats so you know exactly where your investment stands.

We handle lease violations and enforce terms keeping tenants paying on time and in full.

Our eviction rate is below .01%. We are very proud of this record and believe it can be attributed to our comprehensive management style. That is not to say we do not encounter difficult situations from time to time. Occasionally renters fall on hard times however rather than embark on a potentially expensive legal process, we offer creative solutions that benefit the landlord while minimizing expenses and reducing vacancy time.

When a lease is over we do everything we can to retain that good tenant of yours so you don’t lose a drop of revenue. We also take this time to re-evaluate your property by performing a renewal inspection with photo report. We analyze the current market to see if there is a justification to increase the rent. Verify tenants are sticking to the terms of their lease.

From time to time the property may require more attention that’s covered in your agreement. Sometimes owners request an additional site visit for extra peace of mind to know their property is in good condition. Some properties have unique issues that require extra attention. Perhaps you are working on a project and want our staff to oversee it. We are happy to be there.