Our Property Management Services

We offer a full range of investment property management services tailored to investors, homeowners and landlords. Our portfolio of single family homes, multi-family homes, condos, and apartment complexes are among the best investment properties in the Fairfield County CT and Westchester County NY area. We are asset managers who retain the long-term value of your property investment while significantly controlling costs. We reduce vacancy rates, manage your maintenance costs, and protect the condition of your property.

Why Owners Love Us

We save our owners time, effort, and money along with avoiding stress and headaches that accompany property management. Decreased maintenance and repair costs and peace of mind.

How Do We Do It?

Part of being a leader in Property Management is investing in education, technology, and partnerships. We use innovative systems, software platforms, education and training to keep our team up to date in the current market.

  • We safeguard you from liability and lawsuits.
  • Consistently net higher rents.
  • Efficient processes and technologies facilitate regular communication and low vacancy rates.
  • We employ quality marketing and screening to attract great tenants.
  • You won’t pay more than you have to; our fees are competitive and transparent.
  • We are available and accessible – 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • We love what we do.

Regular Inspections & Recommendations

Regular inspections of your property interior and exterior allow us to communicate what improvements are necessary to your investment ensuring it’s compliant, habitable, and appealing to the best tenants. We negotiate and compare quotes and oversee any capital improvements that are required.

Transparent & Accurate Accounting

You’ll have access to your property financials 24/7. With your own login you can see exactly what is going on with your property, invoices, and rent rolls. You will receive monthly reports that detail your earnings and expenses. We can consult on when its time to sell, weather a price increase is warranted, and negotiate with tenants.

Boots on the Ground

What better way to know what is going on at your property other than being at your property. With periodic inspections, a dedicated local team, and routine data analysis – we are always watching your property.

Areas We Serve

Ardent Trust Property Management offers property management solutions in these areas:
● Connecticut
● West Hartford
New Britain
Fairfield County
● Waterbury
● New Haven
● Hamden
● Meriden