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Are you looking forward to investing in real estate in Connecticut?

Ardent Trust Property Management can help you choose the ideal location to invest in!

Investors and entrepreneurs have found that real estate is a solid addition to their investment mix. Real estate has proven to be a reliable asset for investors and entrepreneurs, giving them the opportunity of diversifying their portfolios.

For you to enjoy the various benefits of owning a rental property including a steady income and diversified income sources, you must invest in the right property market. Connecticut has been performing well in recent years and has proven to be a guaranteed reliable asset.

In this article, the team from Ardent Trust Property Management will advise you on which property markets would be the ideal investment.

Areas to invest in Connecticut

Many people are looking to live in Connecticut making it a great place for a real estate investment. The following are some of the top location to consider:

West Hartford

If you are looking for a property like a family home, West Hartford is one of the ideal places for you to invest in. It's located just a few miles from the historic downtown area and is known for its serenity and small town charm. Even with is calm atmosphere, it provides access to key social amenities including the West Hartford Center making it another great reason to invest in this city.

During the weekend, the residents of West Hartford, Connecticut can enjoy various outdoor recreation such as the well maintained public spaces and parks.


With easy access to both Springfield and Hartford, Connecticut, Vernon is a great area where you could invest in rental properties. This area is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts as it has numerous parks, lakes and hiking trails.


In addition to its natural beauty, Vernon is also known for its lower cost of living as compared to its neighbors. Investing in a property in this region is an excellent choice, especially since people look for affordable places to live in. Also, this can help you attract a larger pool of potential tenants.

New Britain

Another option close to Hartford is the city of New Britain, Connecticut. The properties in this location are affordable and are recommended for investors who have a limited budget or are new to the real estate market.

New Britain has a rich history in manufacturing and moving around the picturesque town. As you will explore the region, you’ll encounter traces of its historical significance in the industry and transportation.

This great town also prides itself on its art and culture scene. Notable cultural attractions that the locals of New Britain love include the Hole in the Wall Theatre and the New Britain Museum of American Art.


Situated approximately an hour from New York City, Greenwich is one of the well-performing options on this list. It is also one of the established neighborhoods with its prosperous economy and good demand making a great place to live in Connecticut.

Greenwich is generally preferred by young professionals who are working in New York City and don’t mind making the commute. While the town is located far from the city, Greenwich has contemporary features and amenities such as public beaches and parks for residents and visitors to enjoy.


The residents can also make their way to Long Island Sound to appreciate the beauty that the area has to offer.

New Canaan

Another investment option in proximity to New York City is New Canaan. The neighborhood is located on the Gold Coast and depending on your mode of travel, it will take just an hour to reach Manhattan. Locals love New Canaan for its peaceful atmosphere. For the people who prefer staying away from the fast-paced city life, it makes it a great area to live in.

New Canaan is known as the home of many famous and renowned architects such as Eliot Noyes, Philip Johnson and Marcel Breuer. The appreciation for architecture is also evident in the charming mid-century homes.

New Haven County

With the prestigious Yale University as one of its attractive features, New Haven County is known for its rich history and diverse culture. The county has several urban and suburban property options for you to choose from.

If you’re seeking diversification, you can enjoy the benefits of the thousands of students streaming in and out of the university by offering your rental property for student accommodation.


If you want to invest in an area close to the coast, we recommend the seaside town of Darien located in Fairfield County, Connecticut.


This option is famous among New York City commuters. If a resident chooses to live here and commute to NYC, they can take the regular trains that stop at Grand Central.

The neighborhood offers several recreational options and amenities such as parks, beaches, country clubs, and yacht clubs. You can never be bored when living in Darien due to the services it offers to its residents.


Investing in real estate is one of the best decisions that you can make. It can guarantee you a consistent income, appreciation in value and various tax advantages.

Selecting the ideal property is just one aspect of property management. Managing your property is one of the most crucial factors of property management you should consider. For the best services, you should call one of the best property management teams in the area, Ardent Trust Property Management.

We are one of the top-notch property management teams in Connecticut, providing excellent services to our clients. With years of experience in the area, our property managers comprehensively handle the needs of townhouses, single-family residences, and HOAs. Get in touch with us today to learn more!